They are in Yazd, they are hot and yellow. You may think that I am talking about its deserts but actually I am talking about its desserts. Yazd is a beautiful big city in Iran with a valuable ancient history. It’s well known to those tourists who like both rich culture and yummy desserts! After a long walk in its beautiful alleys and visiting the lovely, well-designed classic houses, you should treat yourself with a hot cup of tea and a sweet bite of baklava. Of course, baklava is known and liked by many people and is baked in different countries with different recipes and Iran is one of those countries. But in addition to baklava, Yazd has so many delicious desserts which are a big part of its culture. Here we briefly introduce some lovely desserts of Yazd:
Qotāb: it comes in two types: Yazdi and Asali. Both of them have the same ingredients and recipe but the second one has the flavor of honey instead of sugar. It has two layers: kernel and an upper layer. The kernel is usually made of almond or pistachio powder mixed with cinnamon and sugar. You can serve this famous dessert in afternoon tea and parties.
Noel-e Yazdi: little light white candy. They taste less sweet than the other mentioned desserts and include various kinds of nuts especially almonds and pistachios. These would make a lovely souvenir to take home.
Loz: it is pretty much the same as baklava but all kinds of it come in a lozenge shape. Its recipe is simpler than of baklava and because of that person from all over the country can bake it as a homemade dessert.
Pashmak: kids love it! It is the same as cotton candy but of course with some little differences. It doesn’t matter how many weekends you have enjoyed cotton candies in playgrounds or cinemas when you are in Yazd you have to try its well-known, well-liked Pashmak; you won’t regret it.
Enjoy your trip…

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