Top 5 Attractions You Must Visit In Shiraz

Shiraz, a spectacular historical city in Iran is popular among national and international tourists. it is unlikely that it isn’t included in your trip plan, if you are going to travel to Iran. There are many historical places in Shiraz that you enjoy visiting them like the following:

1. Vakil Bazaar and Mosque
Probably the pleasure of travelling is to buy, especially in a lively market like “Vakil bazaar” in Shiraz. This traditional trading construction that was built by Karim Khan Zand is located in the center of city. The most important exchanges have taken place in this market in the distant past. its stunning architecture in ceiling, pillars, arches get every visitors attention. A variety of colorful fabrics, delicious local sweets, beautiful handicrafts, rugs, copper wares, and so many other impressive things has made the atmosphere of Vakil bazaar spectacular for visitors. As well, one of the most amazing mosques in Iran, called “Vakil mosque” is near this bazaar. Vakil mosque with a beautiful architecture and design is an another attraction that you must see.

2. Tomb of Hafez-e Shirazi
“Tomb of Hafez” or “Hafezieh” is located in a beautiful garden in the north of Shiraz, that is one of the most important attractions in this grassy city. Hafezieh is a place where Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad known as Hafez-e Shirazi, a great poet in 14th AD, is buried there. Existence of an Impressive architecture, design, paths, orange trees and ponds have created a pleasant space. I suggest you sit there and make some memorable moments.

3. Tomb of Saadi-e Shirazi
“Saadieh” is a place where poet Sheikh Moshrefodin or Saadi-e shirazi lived and was buried. Saadi among contemporary literate men is still considered as a prominent poet. Every year so many tourists visit this beautiful attraction and enjoy the majestic space, design, tiles, fish pool, flowers, trees. The “Gulestan” and “Bustan” of Saadi are unique and unrivaled works of this great poet.

4. Eram Garden
Eram Garden is a historical garden located in northwest of Shiraz and is inscribed in UNESCO. The age of this garden is unknown but the building belongs to Qajar era. This stunning garden has a large variety of plants that have been brought from around the world. Its impressive design, plastering, painting and tiling are architectural masterpieces of Qajar. Don’t miss visiting Eram garden.

5. Nasir-ol molk Mosque
Nasir-ol molk Mosque, a traditional mosque in Iran that is also known as “Pink Mosque” was built under Qajar dynasty. It is famous for being colorful lights emitted from behind the colored glasses, and this has made a unique beauty that annually attracts so many tourists and visitors.
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by Maryam Valipour

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