The top 5 attractions in Isfahan (part 2)

Isfahan is one of the most important cities in Iran. The historical city is located in the central part of Iran. Several spectacular historical places, impressive architecture, lovely people, beautiful handicrafts and Zayanderud river in this city have made it famous in the world. Isfahan was selected as the capital of Iran in the Safavid era, and there are many historical remains from that period. The following attractions are some must-see ones; I would advise you to see them.

3.Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

When you walk into Naqsh-e Jahan square you find one of the architectural masterpieces there, from Safavid empire, called “Sheykh Lotfollah mosque”. This appealing mosque is situated on the eastern side of Naqsh-e Jahan square and the opposite of Ali Qapu. Sheykh Lotfollah mosque was constructed under the command of Shah Abbas during 18 years. The architecture of this mosque is different from other mosques; if you have traveled to other cities in Iran and visited other mosques, you must have seen the mosques with a courtyard and minaret which is the symbol of Islam, but Sheykh Lotfollah mosque is unique. You don’t see any courtyard, Shabistan, and minaret there. In fact, it hasn’t been just a mosque, but also a holy place for all religions. Using the impressive tiling, mosaic, decorations, geometric patterns in this construction annually attracts many tourists from around the world.


4.Chehel Sotun Palace

Another historical attraction in Isfahan that you must see is Chehel Sotun palace. This palace that is inside of an imperial garden of over 67000 square meters, was completed in the reign of Shah Abbas II Safavid. Chehel Sotun palace has 20 pillars, but because the image of these 20 pillars was reflected in the big and beautiful pool, it has been called “Chehel Sotun” or “40 pillars”. The 18 pillars Hall, Mirror Hall, veranda, four stone lions, various decorations, great paintings, glorious ceilings, and walls are the spectacular parts of the palace. Also, Chehel Sotun palace is registered on UNESCO.


5.Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Jameh Mosque is considered as the oldest religious construction in Isfahan. If you are planning to travel to Iran, make sure this site is included in your plan. This impressive mosque-related to the Seljuqs era has been a place to hold political, social, educational meetings and rituals. Jameh mosque has several buildings including, Shabistans, Mozafari school, Nezamol Molk dome and…. The Stunning tiling, elegant pillars, detailed stucco, and muqarnas, attract visitors from around the world.

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