The Spectacular Attractions of Deserts in Iran

If you are going to travel to a country with a variety of climates and landscapes, and at the same time see dry lands with multiple special landscapes, Iran is the best choice. Iran with this unique feature annually hosts many national and international tourists from around the world. In spite of being two seas in the north and south of the country, grassy forests, various plant species, mountainous areas, the spectacular deserts have made it more attractive for tourists. There are several deserts in the eastern half of Iran. Some of them like Dasht-e Lut or Lut desert located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan, is the most popular destination among tourists who are enthusiastic about desert touring. Dasht-e Lut with the widest range in comparison with other Iran deserts is full of the weird mystery. The extraordinary structures and shapes called “Kalut” that have been created by wind and salty water erosion, make every visitor thinks how they are created. The Kaluts are considered as a unique phenomenon that every year attracts many tourists and photographers from around the world.

There is a beautiful area in Dasht-e Lut called “Shahdad” that is said, this land is the hottest spot on the earth. Shahdad-e Kerman is the part of Dasht-e Lut and is located on the western side of Lut. This area with some facilities provides you with a pleasant stay at a memorable night, certainly, you will enjoy lying down under the night sky and watching the countless stars. Shahdad is an important destination for astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts.

That’s incredible, but you can see a grassy village in Shahdad-e Kerman called “Sirch” that has pleasant weather, entirely different from this dry and hot land. Yes, a paradise in the heart of the desert will make you surprised, remember to visit that. This extraordinary contradiction has made this destination spectacular for tourists. Also, this site is registered in the list of UNESCO.

Another beautiful desert that attracts tourists annually, is Marndjab in the province of Isfahan. Being sandy hills in this desert has created impressive scenes that get everybody’s attraction. Maranjab desert for this special feature is a favorite place for people who interested in desert hikes.

Before you start traveling to Iran, make sure one of the deserts is included in your plan. Be sure to go to deserts by tour especially for the first time. Don’t forget to wear suitable, light clothes and boots. Watching the sunrise and sunset is so enjoyable in the desert. Take pictures of beautiful and unique landscapes.

by Maryam Valipour Nourali

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