You can enjoy a variety of high quality stews and kebabs among many other dishes while traveling across the country. There are restaurants of various kinds (traditional, western, Lebanese, Italian, Turkish, Indian styles and more) especially in big cities like Tehran.
Rice is the staple food in Iran and the Iranian cuisine is mainly rice dishes cooked with fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of herbs and meat mainly lamb and veal. The Iranian kebabs are delicious delights with a very unique flavor.

Almost every Iranian cuisine accompanied by bread or rice. Iranian cuisine is mainly rice dishes cooked with fresh vegetables, a moderate amount of herbs, nuts or barberry (small, red berries) and meat mainly lamb and veal.

The meat usually served in the restaurants is chicken, veal, fish and lamb. One of the most main-dish options are Kebabs, which are skewered meat or chicken grilled over hot charcoals served with bread or rice, raw onion and grilled tomatoes. Of course, you may find turkey, quail, lobster and shrimp too, but no pork, snake, frog, dog or other types of meat. They are prohibited to be eaten in Islam and this is observed everywhere.

If you are a vegetarian, you can also try some good vegetarian dishes in Iranian cuisine, but we recommend you let your tour guide know about it beforehand so that he/she can arrange it for you. You can enjoy tasty local foods, which are cooked without meat especially in northern and western regions.
We recommend you do not miss some of the most popular such as Abgusht or Dizi (a traditional soup made of meat, vegetables and beans), Chelo Khoresh (rice topped with vegetables and meat in a nut sauce), Kofte (minced meat formed into meatballs), different kind of Ash (traditional thick soups), Dolmehs (stuffed vegetable dishes), Shirin Polo chirin (sweet-sour saffron-colored rice with raisins, almonds and orange), Zereshk polo (chicken and rice covered with barberry), Sabzi Polo (rice cooked with fresh herbs), and other local dishes.

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