Behavioral specifications of Iranians

Each nation and country has its special culture and customs. Some of them may seem weird and some not. The important point is that to know these cultures if you are going to travel to a country so that you avoid being misunderstood or making mistakes in that country. If you travel to Iran as a foreigner, depending on the continent and the country you are from, you may be surprised by special behaviors of Iranians or be totally okay with them. Some of these behaviors may be more surprising for people of America, Australia or Europe continents. Two prominent examples of these behaviors are Tarof and bargaining. The usual English equivalent of Tarof is a compliment but it doesn’t describe the Persian term completely because complimenting is just one aspect of it. The oral and informal culture of Tarof has been placed in everyday communications of Iranian people for hundreds of years. It has been shaped because of the special culture and history of Iran. Iranians have always been warm-hearted and sociable people so it is very important for them to be polite and show respect for strangers or relatives. You may invite somebody to your home or offer them to pay for their coffee or taxi but you actually don’t mean it! That is a very common example of Tarof in Iran. But the important fact is that it’s not done because of hypocrisy or in an offensive way, and one should notice that it’s far away from lying or deceiving the persons spoken to, in fact by these offers you show that you care about people and helping them makes you happy.
But bargaining is a whole different story. It is very common in Iran to go shopping, pick the item, ask the price and then refuse to pay that price! Actually, in most of the world, bargaining is common for items that worth a lot of money like a house or a car, but in Iran people usually ask for a lower price for pretty much every item, especially when they buy multiple items from a single store. Reducing the price makes costumers really happy and even encourages them to buy more items. The interesting point is that it’s a commonly accepted custom and sellers are fine with this culture. Sometimes they just lower the price and sometimes they add up the price and if the buyers ask for a markdown, they reduce it to its actual price so that buyers think they won in bargaining!
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